Dine In Color: Shades of Green!

Kiana and Kiarra are back….on the “green scene!” This summer’s edition of Dine In Color celebrated the color green! “The color that resonates with the heart chakra, the color of life force foods, the color of plants and trees of Mother Earth….”as guest Kimberly Khan so beautifully stated. Our colorful dining experience popped up at 80 Proof, a hip and trendy Chicago brunch spot in Old Town!

One by one, our guests arrived in their most stunning green ensembles!

We ordered drinks…

And headed downstairs to brunch buffet #1! In all, there were 3 levels of yummy and decadent treats!

The guests ate, chat, sipped, and of course took plenty of pics!

And the best-dressed winner is below, complete in her flapper dress and cigarette holder! We love a good theme ensemble!

Kiana and Kiarra took plenty of shots as well…

The green-scene was a fabulous time had by all!

To join our dining crew, see what our next color will be, and find out where we will pop up next, follow us on Insta @dineincolor and Facebook!

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